2021-2022 Pin Design Guidelines

The winning design will be used as the State Conference logo and the winner will receive a FREE State Conference Registration PLUS package of the winning pins!

  1. The design must be original in design; No stock logo, or clip art maybe used. Plagiarized designs will be disqualified from competition.
  2. The design must be submitted in .jpg format and at minimum 300 dpi resolution.
  3. The design must be camera ready, and retain its clarity/integrity when scaled.
  4. The design must include an unaltered TSA Logo or the words Technology Student Association- See Official TSA Brand Guide for specifics concerning the TSA logo.
  5. The design must showcase some unique aspect of the state of Kansas.
  6. The design must include the year of the national conference.   OR
  1. The design must incorporate the current national theme
  2. Indicate the actual size of the finished pin. For example, it could be one inch wide and one and one-half inches tall.

The Trading Pin size is on average 1 ¼ inches wide by 1 ¼ inches long.

  1. The pin shape (outside parameter) will not be square, rectangular, oval or round. Check the History of Kansas TSA Pins and note that some aspects relating to Kansas have been used repeatedly making them “not” unique for this competition.
  1. The completed pin design must be submitted to tsakansas@gmail.com by midnight on December 1st 

Legal entries include numbers one through five (1-5) and either number six or number seven (6 or 7).  Any criteria not met will eliminate the pin design from being judged.

If similar or numerous entries are received, the Kansas TSA BOD reserves the right to narrow the entry numbers in order to electronically post the designs for voting in a reasonable manner.  The Kansas TSA BOD may also re-post top entries in order to achieve an entry with a majority vote.

If no legal and or complete entries are submitted and received by the deadline, the contest may be re-opened for up to one month and any Kansas TSA Parent, Kansas TSA alum, member of the Kansas TSA Board, and or any Kansas TSA advisor may enter a design.